[photo] My Monday outfit

Maybe it’s because I love Halloween, or the fact I hate Mondays, but I think I dressed appropriately for the day. Things didn’t start out well. There was an accident on the exit for work and it took me 45 freaking minutes to go 2 miles. I was pretty close to work that I was tempted to leave my car on the grass and just walk. It would have been faster and I could have worked toward my 10k steps goal . So instead I did an incredibly unsafe thing, and read my kindle while sitting in traffic. Don’t worry, I didn’t move my car while I was reading. I made sure to look up every so often in case I could actually inch my car up. In other news, I’m almost finished reading The Shining and did not get into a Jack Torrence murderous rage in the middle of the off-ramp. But the temptation was pretty overwhelming.

On the plus side, I did still manage to get a decent spot in the parking garage. I then nabbed the last banana chocolate Naked Juice in the cafeteria. I figure it could be worse, I didn’t have any meetings this morning.  We also have a few new people starting today and they must have been freaking out to be almost an hour late. People should be more considerate and not get into accidents during rush hour. 😉


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