{photo} View of the lake and tent

I went to a really fun company outing yesterday. We got to leave work early to head over to the venue on the lake where we had a catered lunch. The choices included a whole steamed lobster, steamed mussels, steamed clams, clam chowder, chicken, and salads. I got there a little early and was able to get some pictures in before my coworkers arrived. I also took advantage of the free drink tickets by having a couple of Yuenglings. Gotta love drinking on the job and not getting fired for it, right?!


It was cold by the water and I’m glad I keep an emergency hoodie in my car. But they did have a fire to huddle around, and I’m just glad it didn’t end up raining. Some of us played volleyball, boccie, and horseshoes. I (of course) wanted nothing to do with the volleyball! I didn’t realize they were serving us whole lobsters. I’ve actually never eaten one in the whole form before, so my coworker Maggie helped me out. She is like a lobster-cracking ninja! She helped some others crack their lobsters and let us know the parts you can eat. What service!



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