{photo} I just love the fish soy sauce packets!

We made the final meal from my HelloFresh order a couple nights ago. If you’re interested in checking them out, use my referral code at the bottom of this post to save $20 off your first order. We made short rib lettuce wraps that were bomb! If it looks good to you too, you can download the recipe from the HelloFresh site here.

I did all the prep this time and it was a bit of a pain, now I know how Andy feels. haha! The prep was worth it though, the wraps came out pretty good! At least this time it didn’t take me forever to clean the kitchen after and there wasn’t much actual cooking involved. I guess Andy got off easy this time. 


I purchased the HelloFresh dinner kit on my own. All opinions are my own. To help me get referral points, please use my code! Save 20$ on your first order with my code QFJ5CE at


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