The title pretty much sums up the weekend, let’s add some shopping in there for good measure. I got a lot of nice fall/winter clothes and boots, but it’s still unusually warm here. So I won’t be needing to wear any of my new stuff this week. I’m not worried, as much as I like fall, I HATE winter. So the longer I can have warm weather, the better! I got my hair re-dyed this weekend. I think my overall color is a bit darker than I expected, but it will fade when I wash it so I’m not worried.


[photo] New hair, beer shopping, and part of our Saturday dinner

We decided to try different bars this weekend. We ended up at a place called The Glenville Stops, which is on a street my neighbor works on. The bar is very nice, which I wasn’t totally expecting. I mean, it’s in the middle of a residential street surrounded by loads of brick apartment buildings. There was also an 11 year old outside (not associated with the bar) that was directing the cab where to park. That was definitely a first for me! Once we got in, we grabbed seats by the bar and got some food and drinks. I got a pint of Samuel Smith Pale Ale from England, and I liked it. It was very smooth and easy to drink. I also ordered a pan of Bay Scallops, which were delicious. The waitstaff was kind enough to give us some free peppers while we were waiting for the scallops. Andy also decided to get some root beer too, which was made locally. Overall, a good experience. I wouldn’t mind going back. 



Andy and I finally got around to checking out the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline. We want to head back when they have the front lawn car shows. But the museum itself is pretty cool! Lots of old cars and some new ones as well. I (of course) got a bit carried away with the pictures. So I will leave you with my many photo collages to browse. Larz Anderson had other homes in Cincinnati, and DC. The Brookline home hosts their car collection. They got new cars frequently and never got rid of the old ones. A lot of the cars in the basement don’t actually run anymore, but are kept for educational purposes.  I learned that on-board toilets were an available feature in some buggys. I guess the museum can also host weddings, as we witnessed people dressed in 1920’s garb getting ready for one. I think that is pretty nifty idea!


1) A Frisker electric car 2) Porsche 3) Larz Anderson selfie 4) Ducati 5) Tesla



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