[Photo] Parks & Rec “Andy”

I never gave actor Chris Pratt much thought, aside from the fact he is pretty funny in a lot of TV shows and movies. He has been in a lot of movies and shows these days. I watched him on The Five-Year Engagement (about 400x because FXX seems to be playing it on an endless loop) and I loved his song number. Let’s not forget his rap  while on the radio. He really got a big break voicing the star of The Lego Movie, you go Glenn Coco!


Then he got all hot and stuff when he was in Guardians of the Galaxy. I was like, huh? Was he hot all along?! I sorta feel like he was that girl in high school that nobody paid attention to then you see them at the reunion and they become all hot and shit. While you’re standing there like…huh?! So now he has made my celebrity crush list, thank God because it’s  been a bit stale for years now. 

Errr…sorry Andy if you’re reading this. 


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