Tried my first PSL today, and it was only okay. Nothing spectacular. =(

[photo] Tried my first PSL today, and it was only okay. Nothing spectacular. =(

Would you believe that until today I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte? I mean, I like pumpkin, and I like coffee. But I just never got around to trying one of the famed Starbuck’s PSL’s. Pumpkin is not my go-to obsession, I’m more of a mint person. Peppermint Patties are my favorite chocolates, and Thin Mints are my favorite cookie. Although, the Coconut Samoa’s are also very yummy!

 I’ll try anything mint, even beer. WAIT! Is mint beer a thing?!! If so, I need to try some ASAP. I do have a thing for pumpkin beers though, I feel the need to try them from various brewers. I don’t know why though, none of them are ever as good as Shipyard Pumpkinhead. Hold the phone, a quick Google search yields mint beer results. It turns out Shipyard also makes a minty brew, too bad it’s a stout. Not a fan of heavy beers, I’ll probably pass on that. 

Tonight is trivia night and we already have a name in mind, which is rare for us. We usually scramble until the last minute to think of  a name. You can usually tell when we’ve thought of something last minute, we usually pull something from the Simpsons.



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4 responses to “MINT>PUMPKIN

  1. I’m a mint > pumpkin kind of gal too. No wonder we’re friends. 😉

  2. Kelly L.

    I was going to say, there is probably a mint beer out there. There is a [flavor] beer for everything.

    Try a pumpkin spice chai. They’re better.

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