This weekend kicks off one of many in which I will be wearing a costume. I had an idea for a costume, but I’m going to save it for next year. Instead I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before, REPEAT A COSTUME! Gasp, oh the horror! But yeah, I’m giving myself a break from buying a costume this round because I want to wear one of my all time favorite costumes again, R2D2. I think I last wore it Halloween 2012, so at least it’s not from last year. 


The party for this weekend is down the street from me at a friends house. The theme is haunted house, which I’m apparently not following. Unless I want to be a ghost droid? Maybe I could try that, but I don’t feel like using face paints so people may have to deal with a plain ol’ droid me. Next weekend another friend is having a pirate party. She says it doesn’t tie in with Halloween, but it’s a theme party in October so I’m counting it as Halloween. The party should really have been on September 19th, which is National Speak Like a Pirate Day. But I digress!

I think I have another potential party on the 18th, but not sure if I’ll end up going. Erin and I are finally getting around to King Richard’s Faire that weekend. She mentioned a while back how she wanted to go, so we’re going to make this a reality [weather permitting]. Plus my co-worker is going that same day, she promised to save us seats for the tiger show. ROAR!  Technically we could dress up as beer wenches or something for that, but I think I’ll pass on dressing up. Lastly, another friend usually has a huge Halloween party at a VFW Hall that his family pulls together.  It’s a lot of fun and the food is good, hope we can make it this year [if it ends up being on the 25th]. Yikes! Looks like I’ll be spending my weekends incognito. 



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2 responses to “REPEAT OFFENDER

  1. sarcasticallybitter

    I LOVE that costume!

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