[photo] My R2D2 costume!

 I got to wear my R2D2 costume another season and it was great not having to fuss around buying a costume and accessories for it. But I did forget to buy mini glow sticks for my cap. Oh well, I have a couple of weeks before Kerry’s party to get some. I think Fiona might show up as C3PO, so that would be freaking amazing! I wonder if we can find someone to a be Princess Leia hologram? Andy really wants to get this Bantha costume  for Zorro. I told him I would make a YouTube video of him trying to wrangle Zorro into a costume. It took him about 20 minutes and a ripped up Angry Birds mask to get him to be an Angry Bird a couple years ago.


Anyway, the party was fun and everyone had really cool costumes!  Everyone left the party before midnight to go show off our costumes at a local bar. I told Queen Daenerys, to walk in and announce she is queen of the bar and show us off as her loyal serpents. I meant to say servants, but it came out serpents. I just went with it, we could have all slithered in (or Slytherin, if I want to add some Harry Potter references here). A lot of people at the bar were very confused about us being in costumes since Halloween is several weeks away. But it was funny to be the nerd queen [again], a lot of people got a kick out of a real-live R2 hanging in the bar drinking motor oil (beer). I kept getting stopped to answer questions and ask if I needed a “full equipment inspection (?!!)” each time I went to get a drink. Ummm….yeah. I wish I was making that up. o_O

I actually ran into my co-worker there and she did not recognize me in full costume. I only met her a few weeks ago when I helped get her trained on one of the systems we use. I usually dress kinda boring at work, so it’s no wonder she didn’t recognize me at first. But now she probably thinks I spend my spare time as a Star Wars impersonator. Which I guess this month would be an accurate statement. haha!


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