We came in first again for trivia this week, this time it wasn’t on a technicality. Our team name was Sausage Fingers, and I’m not sure how I came up with it. I guess I panicked under the pressure of picking names.  I’m thinking next week we put our name on a diet and be Salad Fingers? Still no word on my sofa cover. I’m definitely annoyed about this, but I don’t think I can file a claim for 45 days after payment is received. It’s only been a little over two weeks since I paid, so I can’t do anything yet. Except maybe send the seller messages everyday, but I don’t want them to spit on my sofa cover. =P

Sorry for the lame post, I’m tired today. Plus I almost hit a Prius on my way in. Oops! But those cars are so damn tiny it’s like trying to see a mosquito from 50 yards away. Hate to say it, but I almost didn’t realize I cut anyone off until I vaguely heard the person beep the horn. The horns on those cars are so weak, it’s like why bother putting one in to begin with? 


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