[photo] Me pirate garb…arrrr!

The pirate party isn’t for me, but I’m going to a pirate party this weekend. I took the lazy route and just bought a hook and hat at Target. They have the Chris March collection, which involves lots of over-sized foam hats, wigs, and props. Pretty cool! So I opted for the giant hat and hook, some may be shocked I didn’t get a tiny pirate hat. To those people I say, me too!

Andy bought a full pirate costume complete with an eye patch and earring. It’s weird to see that he put more effort into his costume than me. It’s usually the other way around! I almost bought a lobster claw instead of a hook, but I’m not sure people would have understood the Mr. Krabs reference. Man, I still love Sponge Bob at my olden age. I’ll be sure to post pictures tomorrow and maybe share my very strange story that involves an apple, dollar bill, and ginger candy.



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