[photo] 1) My outfit 2) Finally got to wear my octopus ring 3/4) Amanda did a great job decorating! 5) New faux snake buckle boots with brocade pants!

I had a great time at the pirate party we went to last night. We spent sometime outdoors playing beer pong in the garage, and man was it FREEZING! Andy’s costume came out really cool! But I’m afraid Rob’s ghost pirate costume probably won the contest. After a while, we decided to go upstairs and play Scrabble because we were too darn cold to stay outside. Go figure though, it was almost 70 degrees here today. I can’t figure out this weather, but as long as it’s not snowing I don’t mind. 




Today my parents took me out to a family lunch. My dad and I opted for some lobster and it was delicious! It was a bit messy though, because we had to crack the claws, but that’s okay.  I wish I had leftovers for tomorrow! Though I do have some leftover peanut butter cake in the freezer. 



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