[Photo] My gifts

[Photo] My gifts

I was able to work from home last Friday and an odd thing happened that morning. I left the front door open with the screen door closed but unlocked. I wanted to cool off my living room a bit. Andy was taking a shower before work and I was busy in the other room feeding Zorro. All of a sudden my screen door opened and someone dropped a bag inside the hallway. Zorro tried to get out and investigate, but I wouldn’t let him since he HATES the mailman [stereotypical dog!]. So I went to the door to see if it was a package from the post office or something. 

As I went to the door, I noticed an older Asian woman leaving my driveway and crossing the street to her cart filled with bags similar to mine. I opened the plastic bag and discovered a Fuji apple and two small envelopes. One of the envelopes had a $1 bill, and the other had two pieces of candy. One of the candies was a lemon Starburst and the other was some sort of ginger candy. I had no clue what to make of this occurrence! I thought maybe it was some sort of custom, since I knew there were some holidays in Asia that week. Andy thinks it has to do with the sheer amount of beer cans he put out for recycling this week. I think she might be one of the neighborhood people that goes through the recycle bins before the trash collectors and takes cans for cash redemption. I think the latter theory is probably correct. It would be really cool if we get a $1 and candy each week from this woman though!


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