I’d like fall to start already. I mean, I can’t believe I’m complaining about how hot it is in the middle of October, but here I am doing just that. I keep saying at least it isn’t snowing. But that mantra is wearing thin. I want to wear my riding boots and stop using a ceiling fan at night. I think it’s really the humidity that is getting to me, I can’t stand that crap. Between snow and humidity, it’s a tough call to see which I hate more. Apparently I need to live in a climate-controlled bubble. I’m sure the bubble will help immensely with my seasonal allergies too. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble movie came out in 1976, how is bubble living not a readily available thing yet?! Make this happen scientists!

Anyway, I witnessed probably the dumbest man alive on the highway last night. I wanted to either make a video or get out my car and congratulate him on his stupidity. But highway speeds don’t allow that kind of thing. He was riding a BICYCLE! YES, A BICYCLE! On the highway, no helmet either. Not that a piece of Styrofoam on your noggin is really going to help when you’ve been hit by a car, but still. I was completely flabbergasted by this.

I wanted to call the cops on him, but it was one of those situations where I wasn’t sure if I should call 9-1-1 or attempt to get the number for the state police. I couldn’t look up a phone number while driving, so I continued on hoping someone else called the cops on this idiot. Otherwise, it’s survival of the fittest. Which I guess is a bit of a pun, considering he must be fairly fit in the physical sense to be riding a bike fast enough to maybe not get nailed by a car. But clearly not mentally fit! Also on this same commute I saw the ugliest effing car color ever. I don’t know why people think cars look good in matte browns. It’s ugly as hell, this car color trend needs to stop.


[photo] Just replace “skirt” with “Jeep color”


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