This weekend was a bit of a flurry! I had another costume party…anyone surprised? If so, shame on you! I think we have another costume party next weekend too. Yikes! Maybe I should have considered getting two costumes to change things up? Anyway, Erin and I finally got around to King Richards Faire, since it’s the last weekend before they close for the year. We lucked out with the weather, it apparently rained in her area but it was beautiful in Carver. 


We met up with my coworker and I was glad to finally meet her husband. While they went to the wenches show, we decided to get our faces painted. I went with lightning bolts because I wanted something that would sorta match my Halloween costume. Erin got a really pretty feather design. We explored the area and also got some food while we watched parts of the King’s Tournament. 


We did catch all the of the juggling show and he was amazing and funny! I was stuck behind some weird teenager that made his own dinosaur/penis hat with duct tape that must have been used to also comb his dog. It was so gross looking with the dog fuzz on it! I think he also must have had ADD or something, he kept looking back every 30 seconds which was really distracting! Once the juggling act was over, we quickly moved to the front so we could have a good view for the tiger show. Unfortunately, dinosaur penis hat guy followed us and sat directly in front of us with his friends. 


I was able to crop out any pictures that the weird duct tape horn things made an appearance in. I will say, the tiger show was freaking amazing! I was in awe of the tigers, they even had a liger, AND a monkey that was wearing pants! The tigers are part of the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. Erin and I are now thinking we need to visit this safari and definitely make King Richards Faire an annual thing. 


Once I got home, I relaxed a little bit then I had to get ready for my third consecutive weekend in costume. The party was really fun and the food was also amazing! I’m just glad that it had cooled off a little last night, but it wasn’t freezing. It was quite perfect! 


Because I haven’t done enough partying this weekend, we all went to my sisters house today. It is my mom’s birthday so we had lunch and cake. The party was fun, and my nieces and nephews are always entertaining! I haven’t seen Rocky the Chocolate Lab in a long time. Not much has changed, he is still very lazy and very cute!



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