This is going to be a girly post. Although I shop for clothes and shoes a lot, I tend to neglect undergarments. I was to the point where I was sewing bras together instead of just buying more. So I did a bit of an over-haul and dumped a bunch of old bras and undies and replaced them. The picture is just some of the stuff I got from Victoria’s Secret, I ended up getting a few more things after. This time I opted for more neutral bras. I tend to get ones in crazy colors and patterns that are hard to wear with a lot of my clothes since you can sometimes see them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still keeping some of my crazy colors and patterns though!

I guess I dreaded buying new bras because the ones I like tend to cost $40-$50 a piece, which is freaking ridiculous! I tried to find some cheaper ones at other places than Victoria’s Secret, but I didn’t luck out. So finally I went back to Victoria’s Secret and had lots of luck with the bras in the Pink collection. I managed (with a coupon) to get them for $20 or less each! That is just what I had in mind, and they are comfortable too! I’m so happy to have found a reasonably priced bra collection. Now I hope they don’t ever discontinue it or I’ll be so pissed!


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