I’m going to split up my weekend activities into two posts, I did a lot of stuff and took four million pictures too. So, starting with Saturday I decided to carve my pumpkin for the contest we are having at work. They gave out the pumpkins last week and we have about a week to carve them for the competition. We did this last year and it was great! This year I’m actually carving and painting a pumpkin. Last year I got lazy and painted a pumpkin like R2D2. My pumpkin actually came out pretty good! But I lost points because I didn’t actually carve anything. I’m not revealing my pumpkin design this time until it’s finished. I’m waiting for the paint I ordered to come in. I’m glad I could finally use the Star Wars pumpkin carving kit I got last year though. I also roasted my own pumpkin seeds with a recipe I found online too. The recipe yields salty seeds, so I added some cinnamon and sugar. They came out really yummy! I keep eating some every time I go into the kitchen, this is a dangerous habit. 


{photo} Pumpkin, Star Wars carving set, and roasting pumpkin seeds

That night I went to my 4th costume party of the month. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I’m seriously debating not heading out to the bar on Halloween in costume.This time we went to our friend’s family Halloween party. They have it every year and we try to go. It’s really a lot of fun!



They go all out and decorate the hall, hire a DJ, cater some food, and have a bartender. The results are pretty fantastic, as are the costumes! Some of my favorite costumes were the American Eagle and 90s’ School Portrait. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with those.



I continued to be R2D2 and Andy was a pirate. We weren’t selected for the costume contest because Matt didn’t tell us there was a theme of idioms this year. Oh well, the prizes were scratch tickets and I doubt I would have won any moneyz anyhow. haha!


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