Andy surprised me the other day when he said he wanted to check out the Sowa Vintage Market. The market is open on Sunday’s and offers a variety of things. One part has a bunch of food trucks, another is a farmer’s market, and the other is filled with local vendors selling home goods, clothing, and accessories.  Most of the market is outdoors. But there is a large vintage flea market indoors that has lots of cool things like furniture, jewelry, housewares, and clothes. I spent much more money than I should have, but at least I’m supporting local business. These are things I tell myself to justify my purchases. Please enjoy the bajillion photo collages I made. It should come as no surprise I went photo-crazy. 


We had to drive around for about 15 minutes to find parking because we got a late start. Next time we’ll definitely make an effort to go when they first open. I started with the food truck section. Andy went to the hotdog place and I went to the crepe truck. I got an awesome smoked salmon crepe. After the lunch, the next stop was the farmers market. I wish I got Zorro some homemade dog treats, guess I will have to get some another time. 


Halloween activities and parts of the vendor tents and indoor vintage market

The vendor section was really cool! They played Halloween music and had some Halloween-themed entertainment. I noticed a lot of people brought dogs. I would love to bring Zorro except he thinks that all dogs and people want to be his friend, so I wouldn’t get any shopping done. Plus he would dislocate my shoulder yanking me around like I’m on a sled in the middle of Alaska.


We couldn’t resist the Cookie Monstah truck, I got some snickerdoodles

I ended up getting some cool shirts from a local company and plan to order a couple more online. A lot of stuff is a bit pricey because it’s crafted by local artisans. I don’t mind spending a little extra it since it supports local businesses. Now I don’t have to do as much laundry this week too, haha! I also got a nerd discount on an R2D2 painting. I showed the artist my socks and he decided to give me a nerd discount. Score! 


Lots of creepy things happening in this collage

Once we visited the vendor tents, we went inside to the vintage market. There were load of cool antiques everywhere! Some of the stuff was a bit creepy though, like the scattered doll parts. But I like how each vendor set up their sections, it looked really nice and artsy. I was tempted to get an old map from the map guy, but I already spent too much money already. I hope to go back soon, I could get a lot of Christmas shopping done there!




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