[photo] after a shipping mix-up and no stock, I finally got my new rain boots

Can I just say how happy I am this Mercury Retrograde crap is over?! I finally got a refund for the sofa cover I’m never getting, and my new rain boots finally arrived! Now I have to order the sofa cover from Ikea, because I’m done trying to get it from eBay after my last experience. I’m also glad that after the last pair of clear glitter rain boots in my size were sent to the wrong person, I got them in the post Saturday.

I’m tempted to get another pair in either black or gold. All the rain boots I currently own have tall shaft lengths. So it’s nice to have a shorter combat boot style. Go figure though, the nor’easter rain storm we got last week is over. Now it probably won’t rain for a while since I got new boots. Oh well, I’ll still wear them anyway with some brightly colored socks. 

[Edit] I may not be fully out of the woods yet. The floor fan in Zorro’s area stopped working last week, the fan in our bathroom died yesterday, the lights in our row at work stopped working (working in the dark was “fun” yesterday, and my FitBit is being a little spazzy. Yikes! I’d hate to be an electronic device near me right now! [/Edit]


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