We got Zorro a Bantha costume and it was hilarious to watch Andy attempt to get it on him. Since the costume is like a harness, he immediately thought he was being taken for a walk. [When I walk him, he starts to freak out the millisecond I get the harness out from the container.] But it sounds like he is really talking to us, saying “no” to being a Bantha. What a brat!


I told him I’d get a Princess Leia costume instead, he didn’t like this idea either. It turns out the horn part of the costume is meant for a smaller dog, so the straps were too short. I’m going to sew some cord on the ends to extend them. Zorro isn’t safe for very long! He is going to be a Bantha for five minutes even if he hates it. Sorry buddy, we wasted money on this costume, so you’re gonna wear it for the one trick-or-treater we get this year! Too bad I can’t take him to the costume party at the bar near me this weekend. He would be a hit! Maybe I can tell people he is my desert guide dog?  



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