[photo] yummy dinner!

I went out to dinner with one of my oldest friends last night [not old in age, but length of time we’ve known each other]. We decided to do some hot-pot and went to Shabu Zen.  I think the place should also double as a steam room because all the steam coming off the pots really helps to clear the pores and nasal passages. haha!

We opted for the spicier broths and our lips were on fire! But I didn’t mind so much because it was so good. I’ve only done hot-pot a couple of times, so I’m not exactly seasoned. So we started by tossing the veggies into our pots. Once they were boiling, we added in our meat and fish. I let it cookerate for a little while then fished it out with the scoop and used the giant spoon at add some broth to my bowl. This method worked pretty well for us, except the Vermicelli noodles are extremely hard to fish out! The only downside to hot-pot is that you end up smelling like soup aka Katrina Devort. I didn’t realize this until I put my jacket on this morning. It totally smells like soupy-sales, I think this means I can freely give people the stink eye?



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