[Photo] A random pair of bear pants from a dollar store and fun times at the bar where we play trivia

Well, I don’t want to jinx anything, but we seem to be on a winning streak with trivia. For the past 6 weeks we have either gotten second or first place, which is awesome! I think it’s important to have a diverse team, one person that is good with science/geography, another for music/movies, and one for sports. I guess I’m the one that is responsible for random facts, girly things, and books. 

There is this tool-bag that goes to the bar each week and is mad that we stole their thunder. We just call him Bill Nye the Science Douche. Not because he has any science knowledge. We checked, he has none…or really any knowledge of anything really. But he insists on yelling “SCIENCE!” every time the category is mentioned. It was funny the first time we heard it, but now I think someone should punch him in the face so he can get his jaw wired shut. BNTSD is also very jealous of our mad trivia skillz and yelled out “cheaters” last night. This didn’t sit well with us, but he is clearly harboring some serious insecurities so I let it slide. His short comings are not our problem. 


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