I met up with Ginny and some friends last night at the Washington Square Tavern. Which is a nice small bar in Brookline. We had a fun time, but I couldn’t really take many pictures because it was freakin’ dark in there! If I had known, I just would have worn my PJ’s to the bar instead of a fringe skirt and polka dot tights. I also would have opted for a warmer outfit, since it’s starting to feel like winter around here. But I digress!



Andy was supposed to join us, but he wasn’t feeling well so instead he was my chauffeur. How nice of him! We had a bit of trouble finding the Tavern because we weren’t expecting it to be so small on the outside and the signage isn’t very visible. But after a few loops around, I found it! I started to get hungry about 30 minutes after they closed the kitchen, and so did everyone else! So we moved our gathering over to The Abbey, which serves food until 2am. I got some amazing truffle fries, which I [sadly] couldn’t finish. 


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