I was feeling nostalgic the other night and decided to watch House Arrest on Netflix. I haven’t watched this movie in years, but I had to laugh at Kyle Howard’s hair. I mean, I can’t believe this was the style back in the 90’s and I thought it was sooo cool.


This got me thinking about another movie he was in called The Paper Brigade. I checked around and it wasn’t streaming on Netflix or Amazon, so I thought maybe I would just buy the DVD. I mean, how much could it be. Turns out it’s like almost $30, which sounds a bit steep for a movie that came out in 1996! I found it on YouTube, so crisis averted. Are VHS tapes worth money now? Because I also found the cassette version for almost $50. Umm….yikes!


But of course Amazon made some pricier suggestions for me while I was browsing. You can be the proud owner of the Disney Channel movie, Under Wraps for $149.99! I actually own a copy of this movie, I’m sure I only paid around $12 for it, so maybe I should try selling it on Amazon for $148.99?



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