[photo] My Saturday night outfit, I wanted to keep warm! Also, I was having a good hair day, since I went to the salon

Hows that for alliteration? Anyway, as I’ve mentioned a [one in a] million times already, Andy and I saw Dumb & Dumber To last night and it was awesome! I’d say the movie lived up to my expectations, which makes my heart happy. Nothing worse than a movie being ruined by a sequel.


This was my second time seeing a movie at the SuperLux, which is a bit fancier than when I see movies at the DeLux. I actually got lobster pasta for my meal and it was really yummy. This time Andy didn’t fall asleep, so that is good! It also wasn’t that crowded in the theater, which was nice. I kept bursting out laughing every few minutes, so I don’t think I really disrupted my neighbors movie experience too much. I have the tendency to find random things funny that the rest of the theater may not appreciate. 


After the movie, we spent the rest of the night at our favorite local watering hole. I was able to snag a few seats at the bar for us, which was unexpected. The Drop gets really packed on weekends, especially since a bar closed nearby. I think someone bought the bar that closed though, I’m hoping they open another bar there. It’s a pretty big space, so lots of room for potential. Anyway, I gotta make this a quick post, I’m supposed to start another Hello Fresh meal in a few minutes. 



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