My parents got back from a trip to Italy and I went to see them for Sunday lunch. My mom smuggled in a bunch of candy, including Kinder Eggs. Apparently those are illegal in the US, which is stupid. My nieces are nephews know better than to eat a toy. Honestly! My cousin got me these really pretty peace sign chandelier earrings. I love them, so shiny! My mom also got me a really nice scarf, I can’t wait to wear it!

My sister brought her dog and he was very excited to see me two Sundays in a row. Zorro wasn’t too happy that I came home smelling like another dog [again]. But he’ll get over it! My nephew kept talking about Neptune Guy toy he was playing with and trying on my older nieces work boots. He said he didn’t like them and would rather wear my leopard slippers instead. What can I say, the kid has good taste! 


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