[photo] Our Anniversary!

Andy I celebrated our anniversary this weekend by going out and having an awesome steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I got the filet and had Andy had the NY Strip Steak. Both were really good! I must say, we both really loved the croutons in the Caesar salad too, and neither of us are huge crouton fans. We shared some mashed potatoes and asparagus as our sides. We decided to take an Uber black car to the restaurant because WE BALLAHS (sometimes)!


The restaurant itself is in a cool location. They are inside the old city hall, so the entrance is set back and is really pretty! The restaurant has about 6 dining rooms throughout. We started in the bar and lounge area and had a few drinks while waiting for our table to be ready. When it was ready, we were escorted to one of the conference rooms in the lower level. It was nice and intimate. Our steaks arrived on a 500F plates. Andy kept threatening to touch his plate, I advised against this. It’s part of how the restaurant prepares the steaks. They are broiled and then served on the extremely hot plates. But the steaks still came out cooked the way we wanted, which was cool! They are also only prepared with salt, pepper, and butter. Trust me, the steaks still taste great. Then again, I don’t usually use steak sauces anyhow. 


I bought a new dress for the occasion, it is green and sequined. I also got around to wearing my really cute gray oxford heels. They were very comfortable and didn’t want to chop my feet off at the end of the night. I’ll consider that a huge win! 


Yesterday I got up bright and early to pick up the beer I special ordered from the Craft Beer Cellar. I’ve been wanting to try Shipyard GingerBreadHead for a while now. I must say, it’s pretty good! It’s sorta like drinking a cookie, haha! Later that day we went to the 9th annual Friendsgiving party. The food was really good (as usual) and it’s a potluck. Andy and I brought some dessert cookies from a local bakery.


It was really great to catch up with everyone! We got to meet Noah (Katie’s baby), and Jen’s puppy. It was so great to catch up! We agreed to make time to see each other more than once a year, haha! 



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