[photo] SuperLux!

I saw Mockingjay pt.1 last night with Ginny. We opted to see it at the SuperLux [two weekends in a row for me!]. This year, we had our shit together and got to the theater super early. But the good thing about the Lux is you can reserve your own seats, so we were guaranteed a spot together and NOT IN THE VERY FRONT ROW! We were traumatized from last year, we went to the IMax and didn’t have enough time to get anything to eat or drink before the show. The ushers were like drill sergeants and wouldn’t let Todd keep our seats for us in the back, which is really stupid! What if we were in the bathroom? We’d come back to no seats! So we had to sit in the very front row. It was like trying to watch a tennis match on the ceiling. If it was a 3D movie, I would have been able to see up Peeta’s nose. I don’t get why they bother having seats that close, they should either get rid of the first few rows, or push the screen back.

Anyway, enough about last year! I tried to get us seats in the upper section, which is more expensive. But we could only get seats in the LuxLite area. The only seats they had open in SuperLux weren’t together, which is weird. Why would someone go to the Lux theater alone?!  Anyway, LuxLite is pretty much the same, except you have to actually get up if you want the waitstaff to come during the movie. The menu is also a little different and the seats don’t full recline. Whatever, we still were able to find some good things on the menu and the seats are very cozy. They also had signature Mockingjay drinks, which we did not partake in. Neither of us were in the mood to drink, lol. I guess we’re old. 


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