Send me a wahhhbulance because I was so ready to rip my hair out trying to get home. First of all, the highway dept thought it work be a great idea to BLOCK the on ramp to the highway.

There is no way to grab the highway anywhere else from work. As it would involve sitting in traffic for miles before the earliest opportunity to turn around and sit in more traffic to grab the highway in the direction I need to go. Um yeah, feck that!

So I just hooked my phone up to the clip I have in the car and tried to find a new way home. Traffic was so bad going in the opposite direction that I knew once I went the road less traveled,  there was no turning back! Unfortunately the “road less traveled” goes through some bad parts of  Boston.
So I basically risked getting stabbed or some shit just so I could not sit in traffic. Well, there was traffic regardless and it took me an extra 30 minutes to get home. PLUS I had to go through four, yes FOUR rotaries (or roundabouts for you British folk). Why does this state have so many?! But I didn’t get stabbed so maybe I’ll call that a win? I also learned that I’ll never take that way home again. But hey, at least the sky was super pretty tonight!  Also, we ordered Instacart for groceries so we got our food delivered! 



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