It snowed the night before Thanksgiving and (of course) the meteorologists had to make it a much bigger deal than it was. We got approximately 1/2″ of snow, when they predicted 6″-9″. I usually react the opposite of what they predict. When they say it’s a lot, I expect a little. When they say a little bit of snow, I expect 47′. This tactic seems to work pretty well. Anyway, getting home on Wednesday still wasn’t fun though, the roads were icy. But when I got home, I started my pumpkin beer bread for Thanksgiving. I think next time I will try a different beer, instead of the rouge Roadsmary’s Baby pumpkin beer I had leftover from Halloween. I feel like the bread came out too dry. 


We had Thanksgiving at my brother and Sister-In-Law’s and it was great! I spent most of the evening watching football with my nephews and brother. The food was good and we had some fun with my brothers Sasquatch hat. Wish I could say Thanksgiving evening was good, but it wasn’t. I’m not going to get into it on my blog, especially since the issue resolved itself. But it wasn’t a fun Thursday night into Friday. At least bad situations really show how awesome your family and friends are, I’m so lucky to have a great family and excellent friends!



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