[photo] Trying this thing where I actually wear something I haven’t in a long time. I was surprised my skull pants still fit, haven’t worn them in years.

Over the weekend, my friends and I had a much needed ladies night. We went to Jillian’s for food and bowling. I haven’t been to Jillian’s since my 21st birthday, and it’s definitely more swanky (except the bathrooms). Despite having our own bowling balls and shoes, Erin and I are terrible bowlers. We didn’t end up bringing our ball or shoes. It was mostly because we didn’t feel like carrying them around all night, plus it leads people to think we know what we’re doing. Fun fact, we are pretty bad at bowling. We don’t let that stop us though, we still have fun! Thankfully Ginny and Jamie aren’t super awesome at bowling either, so it was nice to just bowl! I somehow ended up winning the first string, I guess someone has too, right?! But Jamie was the ringer for the second game and came in first. 


The food and atmosphere was really cool. I got a chicken Ceasar sandwich, which was yummy. We are planning to have more ladies nights, since we had a great time over the weekend. After bowling, we went to Yard House because we didn’t feel like paying a cover charge at Loretta’s. I’m happy to announce there are NO MORE home BC games, which means no more Saturday annoying-college-kids traffic! It was also  not the crowded when we went out because all the college jerks went back home to Idaho. I can’t wait until December when they are gone for a whole month and I can actually find parking.



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