I’m apparently a “bed hog”. I personally don’t think I take up that much space, but according to Andy I do. I guess this is what happens when a person sleeps alone in a queen sized bed for over 10 years to sharing a full size bed. I still can’t handle the downgrade in bed size, apparently. So I think I’ve finally convinced Andy to get a new bed. We’re waiting until after the holidays.

We are going to compromise and a get a bed that is half firm and half soft. Praise Jebus that making dual types of mattresses is a common thing nowadays. Because I honestly can’t sleep on a plush bed, I prefer sleeping on bricks. I mean, nice bricks of course, with a down topper of some sort. I know, I’m a huge weirdo. You’d think of the two of us, I’d be the one that likes a plush bed. Absolutely not, it bothers my neck. 

I know it’s taboo to talk about dreams, but this my blog so I don’t care. I don’t really understand why people make a big fuss over it. I don’t  mind reading about peoples dreams, not that I know a damned thing about dream interpretation. Anyway, I had an odd dream the other night that I was being haunted by Gail the Snail. I didn’t deal with her in the correct manner to make her go away. I yelled at her instead of throwing salt, rookie mistake. She decided to glom onto my ceiling fan until I woke up. As stated, I’m no dream interpreter. But I think it’s safe to say that FXX moving the premier of It’s Always Sunny from September to [FREAKING] January is bumming me out. 


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