[photo] My wonderfully tacky tree bedecked with R2D2 lights and random ornaments!

I’m still a bit confused by the fact it’s December already. But no matter, Andy and I put up our Christmas decorations on Sunday night. Fun fact, I totally forgot I had acquired an R2D2 stocking. So that was a fun surprise when I found it, haha. We waited the appropriate amount of time to start decorating, which is any time after Thanksgiving.


The problems are strong with this one [ie. ME]!

I know the there is a hot debate on the internetz about allowing Christmas/holiday music and decor early. I’m definitely one of the people that doesn’t understand why we need start celebrating so freaking soon! I feel like it devalues Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both of those are valid holidays, and nobody starts decorating for them in June. I mean, c’mon! I like the holiday season as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to start putting up decorations in August. Let’s respect the existence of the holidays that come before December please! Now I can step off my soap box. 


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