This post is a little 2013, but I’m finally getting around to it now. So I never liked Robin Thicke or his misogynist video for “Blurred Lines”. I’m generally not bothered by music videos to a certain extent. Growing up watching MTV (back in my day when they actually played music videos), I guess I got desensitized to some degree over the content.  But I never understood why everyone was totally cool with all the boobs flailing about in the Blurred Lines video. I just kept thinking, who the fuck IS this guy?! Seriously, who are you where did you get this totally unwarranted ego from?! If you have to use boobs to get people to watch your video, don’t bother making one bro. I mean, c’mon! 

Maybe since I’m not a teenager anymore, I just don’t get it. I thought the nudity didn’t really contribute to the content of the video at all. It was just tossed in there to be…I don’t know… edgy…Thicke-headed (see what I did there)? Whatever the reason, I didn’t like it. Nor do I think someone as insignificant as Robin Thicke should have gotten away with it anyway. I always joke that maybe I would have liked the video more if they splashed some unclothed male models around to make it more equal. haha! I did find the actual song catchy though. But he admittedly had little to do with the song, so HA! Now I feel slightly gratified to know that Robin Thicke is a fraud and that his wife left him. I knew I didn’t like him from the start, but at least I can still be a good judge of character (sometimes). 


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