If you didn’t check out my November post, I decided to try Fabletics. If you’re reading my review and decide you want to try it for yourself, please sign up using my referral link! You can get a complete athletic wear outfit for as low as $25 and free shipping. It works like a monthly subscription when you sign up to be a VIP member ($49.95/month). At the beginning of the month you have a selection window to pick what you would like shipped. If you don’t want anything, you can opt out by the 5th. If you forget, you’ll get charged $49.95 on the 6th and that can be used as store credit towards other merchandise. Other perks VIP members receive are discounts up to 40% off on all styles, free to/from shipping, perfect -fit guarantee, and flexibility to opt out of getting an outfit each month. With each purchase, you also accumulate reward points which you can put toward your monthly credit or a new outfit.  


I love all the shimmery options there are this month, I actually want to add on shimmery pair of leggings. But I’m going to hold out to see if they go on sale. Anyway, this month I got the Glimmer outfit. It comes with a really cute gold print sweatshirt and capris. I got the charcoal gray capris and love them! I’m always impressed with the quality and reasonable prices. I also added on a pair of blue print leggings because I love the look. I have a bit of a leggings obsession, yikes!


I purchased the Fabletics subscription on my own. All opinions are my own.


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