[Photo] Fancy holiday party means I can wear sparkly stuff unabashedly

Andy was invited to a fancy holiday party that his co-worker throws every year. He hasn’t been able to make it the last couple of years, but really wanted to make sure we could go this year. I’m glad we did, it was fantastic! I opted to dress like a sparkily figure skater. I’m happy I finally have an occasion for that dress and the glittery heels. I even threw on some fake lashes because why the heck not?! I was happy the heels were comfortable enough that I managed to dance around in them all night and didn’t want to chop off my feet. So that is a win!

Anyway, their house is a huge and amazing brownstone in the city. It has like 5 floors, a cozy outdoor space, and a projection room. It was a catered affair so there was loads of good food and booze. There was also a DJ and professional lighting so we could get our dance on. 


We started off in the living room where the bar is and the beautiful Christmas tree. I liked their ornaments, they had C3PO and Storm Troopers! Then we went to the projection room in the basement to do some karaoke. We also went outside to the lounge area that had heated blankets and the porch upstairs with an ice luge. Needless to say, I was very impressed.


I mean, look at that giant piece of pineapple in the punch! I’ve never seen a pineapple slice that big, haha! Even the Gingerbread men have toys!

When we first arrived, the place was so packed we couldn’t find a spot to put our coats. So it’s probably good we started the night in the basement and outdoor areas. By the time we went back to the living room later, there was much less people. All in all, a great holiday party and I hope we can go next year. 



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