I bought tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra a while back with my BFF a while back. We were both super-excited to see them. My friend ended up getting a really bad reaction to new meds she is taking (read: emergency room) and wasn’t able to go. She was very upset about it and so was I. Andy was forced to go with me because the few people I was willing to go with couldn’t make it sine it was last minute. He wasn’t too thrilled about it because he is a weirdo and doesn’t like laser beams and guitar classical music. I took about a million pictures during the show because the set and light show were amazing. But (thankfully) due to laziness I chose a random lot to post on my blog. 


Unfortunately, actually going to the show didn’t change Andy’s opinion of TSO. I liked the show, the guitars were awesome and so was the stage and lights. I didn’t really care for the Morpheus/Laurence Fishburne guy that was narrating the “Christmas in the Attic” story in between songs. There also was a lot of slow lyrical songs I could have done without. But the instrumental rock songs totally killed it! Not sure if I will go again next year, unless the show is different each time. 

After the show, we went to our favorite watering hole, which was (graciously) not filled with college kids. That is why I love this time of year in my area. All the annoying college kids go back to Ohio for the holidays and we can actually get parking and not elbow college kids out of the way to get beers. Free at last…temporarily anyway. Don’t worry folks, just because the annoying college kids were gone, the bar wasn’t short of odd people.

This strange guy that looked like Bo Bice was trying to hit on me while I was sitting next to Andy. The group he was with proceeded to dance in front of us and almost bumped into my seat. Once we started talking to them, we thought they were funny. They didn’t stick around very long though, they had a cab waiting outside and one of the guys in their group wasn’t ready to leave the bar yet. Once they left, a random girl approached me asking if the bar smelled like French Fries. I sniffed around and concluded it did, in fact, smell like fries. Someone must have smuggled them in from a local delivery place. The bar allows outside food because they don’t serve food. This is pretty cool, so sometimes I’ll order pizza or Chinese food to be delivered to there. 

Now I want French Fries, grrr! I got the BBMak song “Back Here” stuck in my head for a few days now. I finally got around to downloading it and I’ve been listening to it on repeat while typing this blog post. It brings me back to my college days, when I was part of the “annoying college kid” crowd I now loathe. Actually, I don’t think I even liked college kids when I was in college either. I guess I was too cool for school, right?!


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