I’m excited to be blogging from my new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2″! Of course this doesn’t change the fact I suck at typing on tablets…or phones in general. But I digress! Andy was kindly enough to get it for me since I was ready to take my iPad to an open field and smash the shit out of it with a bat, Office Space style. I’m also getting a new phone, which I’m very excited about!

Anyway, last night I got to see my friend Patrick while he was visiting family for the holidays. It’s always fun to see Internet friends! We tried to go bowling but the wait was 2-3 hours. YES, FOR BOWLING!  I burst out laughing when they told me that. I said absolutely not, what sane person would wait that long to bowl? We decided to go Tavern In The Square instead, which was also packed. But at least a very nice woman gave us her seats at the bar. So I substituted bowling for nachos. Full disclosure, I’m probably having nachos again tonight when I meet up with friends for margaritas.



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