I stopped making New Years resolutions and decided to focus on goals that pop up year round. But then I thought of one that could be really awesome, I just need help from you, internet! Let’s work together and abolish the term “bae” from ever being used again. It’s a fucking stupid term that needs to die in a fire, or some other type of extreme but quick death. I don’t really understand it either. It can mean babe or something even more snark worthy, “before all else”.  Honestly, it’s not worth it  to shorten the word babe any further, so let’s stick with that extra b, mm k? As for “before all else” let’s replace that with favorite. It doesn’t make you sound like a tool.

Another good reason to get rid of this stupid word, it actually means shit in some other languages. Yep, actual shit. So it basically means the opposite of what the bae users intend. Which is actually pretty hilarious! Now I have to curl my hair and apply fake lashes for my New Years Eve plans. Stay safe and have a happy bae-free New Year everyone!


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