I had a very fun New Years Eve and happy I got to spend it with Andy and friends. I curled my hair and threw on a new dress and some fake lashes. We saw our friends band Bad Rabbits play again this year, it seems to be becoming a tradition for us! I really liked the opener band Pvris too, I may buy their album since they are also a local group. The doors didn’t open until 9 and we got there just before 9. But of course they made us stand outside to freeze so they could open the doors 15 minutes late. I don’t understand why venues do this, especially in the winter. But no matter, once we got in we grabbed some beers and checked in our coats.


Once we listened to the set by Pvris, we went upstairs to hang out with people. I ended up having 3 Red Bull and vodkas, so I had trouble sleeping last night. But the good thing is I wasn’t hung over! We were having so much fun that we didn’t realize it was almost midnight until everyone started counting down. This has happened to me before, but at least we caught the countdown just in time! We had a great time and didn’t have any trouble getting a cab home either. I’m happy to be relaxing today, because tomorrow will be busy. Andy and I are going on an adventure during the day and then shopping for tredmills. Plus I may go see a band play with my BFF! I don’t want my vacation to end, so many fun things to do!



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