Since Andy is also on vacation, we went on an adventure to the aquarium! He hasn’t been back since he worked there, so we figured it was about time to check out the new exhibits. My favorite thing was the shark and ray touch tank. It was super crowded, but we managed to slip into a spot and I touched several sting rays and some sharks. The sharks were kinda rough, but sting rays were silky smooth. No idea why people want shark skin suits, sting ray suits are the way to go. Haha, just kidding PETA! I also got my jacket wet and had to wash it to get the ocean smell off. Oops!


The trip wouldn’t be complete until we see Myrtle the sea turtle. She is about 50 or 60 years old and has been at the aquarium since the 1970’s. She is the star of the giant ocean tank! We watched her eat some lettuce and float around. She is also the largest sea critter at the aq, weighing over 500lbs! We also went to see the octopus, Truman, but he is a popular guy. The crowds love his tender tentacles! After we finished polking around the aquarium, we grabbed lunch and went shopping.


Later that night we went to dinner. I had Lulu’s version of cheetos, crispy skin salmon, and a s’mores tart. Oh man, our dinner was delicious! I love going to Lulu’s! I got to wear my new sweater from Express and my glitter heels. The heels were quite comfortable and withstood a night of drinking and walking around. Afterwards we had drinks at our favorite watering hole. Overall, a great date night. Tonight we’re going to my brothers Festivus party. I have my crappy gift and grievances ready!



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