We went to my brothers Festivus party last night. Usually he has these annually, but skipped last year. So it was nice to get back into the Festivus spirit for 2015. For feats of strength, we played beer pong. Originally my brother wanted to rent a Family Feud set, but that idea fell through. How unfortunate! I think that would have been awesome, like the year he rented sumo suits and a ring for the backyard. Anyway, I need to start keeping a list of grievances throughout the year. I usually forget them all by the time Festivus rolls around. My brother usually has a long list that he reads aloud during the airing of grievances.

The crappy gift Yankee swap is my favorite part. I gave away a rubber band ball and got some poo-pourri as my gift. My brothers friend was voted Douchebag of the Year. No idea what the prize is for that, but it’s an honor he must hold until next Festivus. I’m very tired today and have to go back to work tomorrow after my 12 Days of Vaca-mas ends. I’m so sad about this! But President’s MLK Day is only a couple weeks away, so I’ll try to keep that in mind. It’s really not helping though. I was going to check work emails, but I got lazy and will leave all that stress for tomorrow morning, ugh! Wish me luck.



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  1. Awesome animals. Wheres the traditional festivus dairy wolf?

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