This is my ugly hat. It is very ugly. But it's also very warm!

This is my ugly hat. It is very ugly and makes me look like a rabid poodle. But it’s very warm!

In my day, unless it was snowing 4 feet a minute, school wouldn’t be called off. There would be plows and shovels clearing the streets so we could stand in misery at the bus stop, with snot stuck to our faces. While we (of course) had snow days, there had to be some significant accumulation happening before they would call off school. Nowadays it seems they can call off school for it being too cold. Yup, too cold! SERIOUSLY! I mean, it’s winter in New England, it’s going to be cold for several months. I can understand calling off school if it’s -30°F, because that’s some ice age shit right there. Nobody should ever have to tolerate those kinds of temperatures, unless you’ve chosen to live in the Arctic. In which case, that’s on you.

But anyway, it’s was 5°F out where I am and they called off school. That some seriously weak shit right there. How are kids supposed to know what winter is like when you call off school for it being cold out?! This is so messed up! They can all get really ugly hats (like me), super long jackets, and get your ass in a heated building for six hours. Why is that so hard?!



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