I was browsing the interwebz one day when I noticed that Tamagotchi’s are still around! Not only that, they have color screens and are bejeweled. I mean, how awesome is this?! I was so tempted to buy one, but the prices have also gone up exponentially since 7th grade. I recall getting them for around $10-$15 back in the day. The new versions go for around $35…yikes! Thankfully I read the reviews before thinking about purchasing, they are exclusively in Japanese. I don’t have the patience to learn Japanese or to locate English instructions online.

In my prime, I think I had almost a dozen virtual pets at once. I had gotten many as birthday or Christmas gifts. I think my favorite was the first one I ever got. It was a 8-in-1 digi-pet, meaning you could select from eight different pet options upon start up. I chose a dinosaur because they are awesome! I recall my dino sorta looking like Yoshi. I definitely didn’t hate that! At one point, I figured out how to rig the system to get my digital pets to age faster. This also decreased their life expectancy, but I wanted to see how far I could take it. Then like that, I was over it one day. I think it was a weekend and all my digi-pets were beeping at once so I threw them under a pile of clothes in the back of my closet and went back to bed. Cuz fuck dat shiz! 



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