I bought some Duff Tie-Dye cake mix a while back and finally got around to using it over the weekend. I was surprised when Andy didn’t protest me buying rainbow cake mix. He probably knew it would take me 8 months to actually get around to baking it. But no matter. The cake itself was really yummy. I’d also like to note that I used to watch the show Ace of Cakes. My BFF and I also visited Charm City Cakes a few years back. We took some pictures outside and tried to see in. But they have film gels over the windows to prevent peepers like me from staring at them. Even though we didn’t go inside, we did spot Jeff making a delivery. Jeff isn’t really my favorite from the show though, he talks to much shit about the Red Sox. It’s too bad the show isn’t on anymore, I loved it!


Anyway, I had some trouble with the food coloring the kit came with. It wasn’t in a dropper tube and the recipe calls for certain amount of drops to create each color. I had to improvise this part a bit, since the food coloring was very thick and didn’t come out in drops. So the purple came out more lilac and green more of a teal. But no matter! I actually bought some more cake mix and a set of food coloring so I can try this again. Hopefully my next batch comes out much better!




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