Well we didn’t place at trivia last night. The bar was really packed too, which was frustrating. We arrived about 40 minutes early, but there were no tables open so we found a few seats by the bar and we were able to get food and drinks. It was good we took the seats at the bar, our bartender was super nice and really attentive!

My sister ended up showing up, we had no idea she was at a bar next door. She scared the crap out of us because, we were hunched over the answer sheet trying to figure out an answer when she yelled “hello”. She was out for a friends birthday when they mentioned they had trivia next door. She has played trivia with us on Wednesday nights before, so she figured we might be there.

For once, I actually got the half time question, I always do horribly with it. It starts out by saying it will be an actor or actress. The trivia host will give you a few clues as to the ID of the person that is worth 10 points. You have about a minute to submit an answer to get the 10 points. If not, the host will give you more clues worth 8 points and another minute to answer (if you haven’t already). This continues until there is only 2 points left. This week the answer was Elizabeth Shue. I think the fact I’m a huge fan of Adventures in Babysitting really saved our asses. Unfortunately, we still did kinda bad the second half of the game, so my extensive knowledge of Elizabeth Shue didn’t save us entirely. Oh well, better luck next week! I hope it’s another actor or actress that is in some of my other favorite 80’s movies! 


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