(Photo) day of pampering

I had a fun day with my BFF yesterday! We’ve been trying to meet up for a while now, but our schedules have been too busy. So we finally made it happen. I had a hair appointment earlier in the day. I was in dire need of a hair cut and a dye job. My purple was turning lavender, can’t have that! Afterwards, I headed to Erin’s for our mani/pedi appointments. I opted for purple toes and purple gel nails for my mani. There is a purpose to my purple madness. Usually when I wash my hair after I dye it, it turns my nails purple. So problem solved when I already have purple nails. But wearing the purple undies today, was just pure madness.

Anyway, we also did some shopping and had sushi. We wanted to do hibachi,  but the wait was too long. We were too hungry to wait. I got a Green Monsta Roll and some salmon. Both were pretty good, I just don’t like minced fish in my salmon roll though. Tonight the Patriots play, and they better win! We are going to watch the game at a bar we’ve been meaning to check out. I think I’m getting too old to drink all long-weekend long, but you can’t watch football sober!




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3 responses to “HERE FISHY, FISHY!

  1. I dig all the purple. My favorite color!

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