Now seriously guys, don’t fuck this up! We decided to brave the crowds last night and watch the Patriots game at a bar for dinner. We left fairly early and managed to snag a table with a good view of the TV’S ! That feels like a win already. We managed to catch the last quarter of the Seahawks game and were seated next to a crazy Seahawks fan girl. She was super annoying and I’m going to admit, I kinda wanted them to lose to see her reaction. I know that’s evil, but sometimes football fans get on my nerves. Anyway, the annoying fan girl left shortly after the Patriots game started.


We started off by ordering appetizers and beers. We were there for the long haul! We ordered some nachos and steak and cheese egg rolls. Both were delicious and devoured immediately. So much for pacing ourselves!  After a while, I ordered some butternut squash ravioli. I seem to be on a butternut squash kick this week. I wasn’t worried about the game once the Patriots had 45 points. So it was nice to not have a super stressful game, after barely squeaking by last week. But next will be the Super Bowl. The Patriots better win this one, I can’t handle another Super Bowl loss. Don’t F this up, my poor heart can’t handle it otherwise. No idea if we are going to brave the crowds to watch the Super Bowl, all the annoying college kids will be back to school. I don’t know if I feel like dealing with the college crowd, yuck!


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