It’s nice having a Monday off as a holiday. I think every Monday should be a day off from work, then maybe we can all start to like Monday more and make Tuesday the asshole. Anyway, I managed to get in some good movie watching over the long weekend. Andy and I finally saw the 3rd Hobbit movie (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies), which means there are no more. This realization makes me a bit sad. But then again, I didn’t know when the LOTR trilogy ended, there was eventually going to be The Hobbit movies. I guess I’m channeling my 2003 self right now, and will need to find the strength to move on. haha! I liked the 3rd movie, but it wasn’t as good as the first two, but that is to be expected with movie franchises. It wasn’t as bad as I assume the Godfather III must be. 

Anyway, I also watched If I Stay with Chloë Grace Moretz. I read the book while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic in September and it was a quick read. The book was good, but definitely a tear-jerker. They did a good job with the movie. Overall, they followed the book plot pretty well, I just kinda wish it was a bit longer. I almost feel like some parts were rushed, but that could just be me. 

I also saw the James Brown movie, Get on Up. This movie looked interesting to me because I love reading or watching documentaries. James Brown lived a fascinating life, but the movie definitely portrayed him as a bit crazy. But I don’t know how much of the movie (if any) was exaggerated. I was a little disappointed in this movie for some reason. I thought I would find it more captivating than it actually was. Then again, I was distracted while watching it because I was on an eBay buying spree. 

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