If you grew up during the “golden age of kids TV”, you probably remember the TV show GUTS on Nickelodeon. Like all kids that watched the show, I wanted to be on it more than anything. Because I thought being a Tomboy automatically made me a super athlete. News flash: it didn’t. But that didn’t stop this gal from dreaming. Anyway, The show was actually only on for a few years, but the re-runs were played for years and years to come. Which made it seem like it had been on forever. I doubt I cared or noticed that I always saw the same episodes over and over. 


Anyway, this got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I (or someone much more capable) started a gym that was based off the obstacle courses on the show?! There could be a huge Aggro Crag, with blinky lights, giant chunks of silver confetti streaming at you, and a British lady commentator? That is a gym I’d actually go to! Each membership could come with a piece of the crag! I mean, the gym probably couldn’t be called GUTS for legal reasons. But maybe a rip-off like “GUTZ!” and we could change the obstacles around slightly to avoid law suits by the Nickelodeon peoples. That would be a Kickstarter I could get behind! 

Who knows, if things go well, it could get expanded into Legends of the Hidden Temple with an Olmec. Except, we’d probably have to change his name to Olmac, and maybe his face could be a giant hamburger or something. Taunting people to look for hidden hamburger treasures! This facility could help make you into the complete package, brains and brawn! Because this show also had a trivia portion in order for each team to advance. Legends of the Hidden Hamburger Fitness Center (LOTHHFC) sounds like my kind of gym! I’d be on the Silver Snakes Sesame Seed Buns team. Now don’t steal my idea I stole from Nickelodeon, or no hidden hamburgers for you!



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