IT SNOWS! I don’t know why this is apparently new information for a lot of people, but it happens. It always has, and until this global warming shit hurries the hell up and gets here already, it will continue to do so for winters to come. So with that said, I don’t think we need a trending hashtag (#BOSSnow) on Twitter. It’s pretty redundant, like having one for air or something (#BOAir?). Maybe save the snow hashtags for when it snows in places it shouldn’t, like Florida. #FLOSnow, anyone?!

The way the media hypes things up has always gotten under my skin. I suspect they must get bonus checks from the grocery stores for creating unwarranted mass hysteria. “OMG, I don’t eat eggs, but a snow storm is coming so I’d better get the eggs that I won’t eat!”  At least they didn’t name the storm this time. I don’t get this trend of giving every type of precipitation (big or small) a name. There are articles that are calling the snow we’re getting “historic”. Um, really? Were you not alive in 2012 when we got pummeled by a snowstorm named after a fictitious gimpy clown fish? Believe me, I wish I wasn’t alive to witness Nemo in 2012. I thought I was going to lose my dog in the yard. But it turns out he is part landshark and swam through the snow banks like an Olympian set on fire. 

Anyway, I have no idea where people are getting this 3 feet of snow forecast from either. I’m no mathematician, but I don’t see how upwards of 26″ equals three feet. I’m still confused about that one. So, let’s shut the hell up and enjoy the snow day we will hopefully get out of it. I’m predicting this isn’t going to be as bad as they say it is, because I do the opposite of what the “meteorologists” predict. I’m also a “gotta see it to believe it” type. So let’s hope I don’t eat my words, haha!

Look closely, there is supposed to be a backyard in there, somewhere. NEMO 2012

Look closely, there is supposed to be a backyard in there, somewhere. NEMO 2012


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